We originally grew willow for fast growing windbreaks at the Nursery and then to sell for living willow projects.  However, Anne also became interested in weaving with willow – just as a hobby.

The rest of this section will be written by Anne in the first person (as it’s really odd writing in the third person when it’s also me creating the website !  Anne) : 

You don’t need to be ‘taught’ how to weave with willow – you can just experiment to a certain extent, especially if you are using a more ‘random weave’ approach as in my photographs above.  I first attended a few local courses and then bought many books. 

Of course now there are also lots and lots of videos on YouTube – but that wasn’t around when I started ! 

I am not an expert by any stretch but I do enjoy working with willow (when time allows – and in the Summer that means planning ahead with soaking the willow**) the photographs on this page and in our Willow Weaving Gallery are of some of my ‘creations’ from over the last 20 years or so.  

I have run some willow weaving workshops here in the past, but that doesn’t fit in with our plans at present – meanwhile, I am happy to pass on any help that I can.  

I hope to do some short  ‘How to . . . ‘ videos to get people started on projects – and, obviously, we are hoping that you will buy some willow from us too.

Anne Cordes

May 2020

Willow for sale for weaving projects :

(Sold throughout the year – not just in the ‘living’ season – subject to availability)

‘Dead’ willow bundles – Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles Hybrid’

‘Dead’ willow bundles** What we mean by ‘dead’ is that this willow is intended to be used for ‘rough’ weaving (such as border edging or plant supports) rather than as living willow for rooting. [However, if you order these bundles for delivery in winter they will have been freshly cut so, if you wish, you can use them to create living willow sculptures or very small structures – please let us know if you plan to plant them so that we can send you the freshest cut material.] 

** Please note that this willow will dry out and, if it is to be used for weaving from around late April onwards, it may need soaking before it is pliable enough – depending on your planned project.  Full instructions for soaking will be provided.

We can supply bundles of either mixed 3 to 5 foot lengths or mixed 4 to 6 foot lengths.  

Bundles of mixed 3 to 5 ft lengths of ‘Dead’ Willow :  
(Salix Viminalis “Bowles Hybrid”) This willow is suitable for ‘rough’ weaving, say, around living structures, border edging etc. (it’s not a variety considered to be basket weaving quality).  Bundles are approximately 8 inches in diameter at the base and contain approximately 200 whips. Ref WK 106A   £40.00

Bundles of mixed 4 to 6 ft lengths of ‘Dead’ Willow :  
(Salix Viminalis “Bowles Hybrid”) This willow is suitable for ‘rough’ weaving, say, around living structures, border edging etc. (it’s not a variety considered to be basket weaving quality). Bundles are approximately 8 inches in diameter at the base and contain approximately 200 whips. 
Ref WK 106B   £40.00 

Subject to availability, these bundles can be purchased outside the living willow season – but may need soaking

Longer whips of Salix Viminalis ‘Bowles Hybrid’ :
(For ‘living’ willow during the planting season and for ‘dead’ projects the rest of the year)

In addition, outside the ‘living’ willow season, we may also still have some longer lengths (6 ft to 11 ft) available – please get in touch for prices if they might be of interest. 

Please note, depending on the time of year, this willow may have dried and, depending on your project, it may need soaking before it is pliable enough to use. 


Other willow varieties :

We grow other varieties of willow, but mainly to supply living short willow cuttings for sale and not in as great quantities as the ‘Bowles Hybrid’.

However, from Winter 2020-2021 we may be able to supply small quantities of  ‘Salix Purpurea ‘Abbeys’ and ‘Lambertiana’ (which are ‘finer’ weaving willows that we grow a little more of and which I use sometimes instead of the ‘Bowles’) – please get in touch to check on availability.

We send out living orders from late November to late February (subject to availability).

Dead willow (subject to availability) can be sent throughout the year.

Long willow whips, kits and ‘dead’ bundles have to be sent by a specialist carrier, because of their length, at a cost
for carriage and packing of £19.00 to UK mainland addresses (excluding parts of the Scottish Highlands).

We can arrange delivery to the Scottish Highlands and Islands too, however, the carriage charge will be higher.
Slightly higher charges also apply to the Isle of Wight.

Please telephone or email for carriage charges if you need delivery to any of these areas.

PLEASE NOTE :  You are welcome to come and collect your order by appointment !

We are not VAT registered.

If you are interested in willow weaving, please use the links below to have a look at our other pages for more information, photographs and ideas . . . . .