Cyclamen Hederifolium from Willows Nursery

. . . . . through the year

Even though we have been growing Cyclamen for decades, we still get great pleasure from
the sight of the first Cyclamen Hederifolium flowers of the new season poking their heads up
through the soil or gravel in our garden or shadehouses.

So, we thought that we would take photographs and post them on this page to show what you can expect from
your Cyclamen Hederifolium throughout the year – we hope that you find them of interest.

Les & Anne Cordes 12 August 2019

12th August 2019 : Cyclamen Hederifolium are dormant in the late Spring/early Summer and begin to grow again in July – the flowers come first, followed by the leaves after a few weeks.  Generally, the white flowered form (Album) starts a little earlier than the pink ones.

24th August 2019 : Cyclamen Hederifolium self seeds and ants help to scatter the seeds around the garden – new plants can then pop up in unexpected places ! The second photograph shows multiple buds coming from a single (roughly 6 years old) corm.  And next a low level view across part of one of our nursery beds – the leaves are just starting to come through now as well.

9th September 2019 :

The first photograph shows the first leaves of newly germinated Cyclamen Hederifolium seeds.

Hopefully, you can see in the second photograph how Cyclamen Hederifolium sets seed.
At the top of the photograph : the flower has come away and the stem is starting to curl downwards.
At the bottom of the photograph : the stem is fully coiled down – over the next 9 months or so the pod will swell and ripen.

8th October 2019 :

Our Cyclamen Hederifolium are now in full flower and leaf – there is a little variation around the Nursery as to how advanced they are depending on different factors affecting growth, such as the amount of shade and dryness of soil.

We have recently been asked how many flowers each corm can be expected to produce. This photograph is of a single ‘mature’ plant growing in an open (unshaded) site – it is probably 10 to 15 years old. 

You can see that some earlier flowers have set seed and coiled down and that there are buds showing more flowers to come – a rough count indicated well over 40 open flowers !