Cyclamen Hederifolium from Willows Nursery

About Cyclamen Hederifolium
Cyclamen Hederifolium has been granted the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit [AGM] which means that it is a variety of plant considered to be of “outstanding excellence” for ornamental garden use – it is intended to help gardeners chose plants of “all round garden value” and we agree that Cyclamen Hederifolium is definitely that !

This is the easiest of the Hardy Cyclamen to grow and is the one to start with if you have not grown Cyclamen before – it is totally hardy in the British Isles, growing the most vigourously of all of the varieties, happy in almost any conditions in most
well-drained locations.

It self-seeds freely and is ideal for the the garden, naturalising readily into drifts.
It has been a popular garden plant in the UK since the sixteenth century, although it originates in nature from an area centred on the Mediterranean.  The corms are dormant during the late Spring/early Summer.   They then give a fantastic display with flowers starting in July and continuing into October – when the rest of the garden is preparing for winter.  The corms will increase in size and continue their display for many years.

A ‘drift’ of pink and white flowered Cyclamen Hederifolium here at Willows Nursery in the autumn.
A naturalised pink flowered Cyclamen Hederifolium
The pink or white flowers (approx. 6 inches high) come in late summer giving colour until autumn.

Pink is the dominant flower colour,
but the collections we sell may also contain corms of the white or dark
pink flowered forms.

The leaves follow a little later – with there being an overlap with the flowers . . . . . .

 . . . . . . . . the variegated ivy-shaped, grey-green marbled leaves then provide ground cover through the winter until late spring.  They give valuable colour and interest in the garden when most other plants are losing theirs or are dormant.

This photograph shows the range of
leaf forms – however, these corms have been grown more closely in their nursery bed than we suggest you plant

Cyclamen Hederifolium variegated ivy-shaped, grey-green marbled leaves

The photographs below of 3 mature Cyclamen Hederifolium in late October (growing outside at the Nursery) show the
differing leaf patterns that can be found.  Planted at a greater spacing, it allows you to appreciate the indivdual corms.

A naturalised Cyclamen Hederifolium at Willows Nursery showing the differing leaf patterns
A naturalised Cyclamen Hederifolium at Willows Nursery showing the differing leaf patterns
A naturalised Cyclamen Hederifolium at Willows Nursery showing the differing leaf patterns

Cyclamen Hederifolium leaves provide ground cover from late Autumn through ’til Spring.

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