Willows Nursery

Walgrave, Northampton, NN6 9QA.

Willows Nursery

is a specialist mail order plant nursery – with Segways !
– owned and run by us – Les & Anne Cordes.

We bought a bare farm field in 1992 to grow hardy cyclamen – and
for Les to have a landing strip for his Piper Cub airplane (now long gone).

The name for the Nursery came from a weeping willow growing in a corner
of the field, however, we soon realised that we needed wind-breaks to protect
our greenhouses and shadehouses, as the site is exposed and windy, and
decided to use willow for fast growing windbreaks.

We invested in willow cuttings to solve that problem – and then discovered just how varied, interesting and useful willow is . . . and so the living willow side of the nursery was born.  Our own personal interests then led to us also growing and selling dwarf box  plants ; buying Segways to operate fun sessions at Willows – and provide us with an invaluable, speedy way to travel around the Nursery and willow weaving.

We offer quality plants, all of which we have grown ourselves here
at our Nursery – none are bought in.  The plants are generally sold
by mail order, but orders can be collected.

However, visits to the Nursery – for information, collecting orders
or Segwaying – do always need to be by appointment.

 If you would like more information on any of the different
elements of our business, please 
have a look at the relevant sections
of our website (using the links above or below) or get in touch.

 Les & Anne Cordes

Our Nursery


This photograph shows some of our stock plants for 3 of our businesses in winter.

Cyclamen Hederifolium in leaf in the foreground,
our Dwarf Box maze in the middle and the colourful
stems of Salix Alba Vitellina & Britzensis at the back.

Cyclamen Hederifolium

. . . an attractive, hardy, autumn flowering plant offered in great value collections.

Dwarf Box

. . .  to create evergreen, easy to maintain,  low edging and hedging.

Living Willow

. . .  easy to create living willow structures for adults and children.


. . .  a great fun experience
on a machine that almost
anyone can use.