Cyclamen Hederifolium from Willows Nursery


We do not sell corms individually, only as corm (plant) collections (of 10 or 40 corms) – which provide excellent value for money.

We send out the corms lifted from nursery beds and bare-rooted all year round – so, depending on the time of
year, they may have flowers or be in leaf or have seed pods or be dormant (with no leaves or flowers).

Please note that we sell living corms (plants) not dried corms.
Depending on the time of year they are sent out, they may have leaves and/or flowers
and/or seed pods – or nothing visibly growing if it is the dormant period.

As they are living corms, they do need planting as soon as they are received.

Please note : If you are unable to plant your cyclamen outside immediately upon receipt, please
store them temporarily in a tray of soil or compost, covering the the top of the corms and all growth
loosely – except open leaves, open flowers and seed pods – and keep damp.



We send our Cyclamen orders by First Class Post or Carrier, as appropriate to the size of the order.

Often we will despatch your Cyclamen the day we receive the order, however, we will
definitely send them within 3 working days – unless you request delayed delivery.

 Postage & Packing :  We charge £4.00 per order towards these costs – whatever the size of the order !

Please let us know that you would like to collect so that a mutually convenient date and time can be arranged.


Collection of 10 Corms for £15.00
Ref CH10

These corms will mostly be of the pink flowered form but the collection may include a few corms with white flowers. They will all be mature enough to have flowered here at the Nursery at least one year previously.

Pink and white flowered Cyclamen Hederifolium
Cyclamen Hederifolium corm collection

Collection of 40 Corms for £39.00

Ref CH40

Younger cyclamen corms can be the best way to create a ‘drift of cyclamen’
quickly as they allow a larger area to become established at lower cost.  You
should get a reasonable display from these corms in the first flowering season
– late summer/autumn – and it will rapidly improve over the years.

Many of these will have flowered at the Nursery, and most should flower in the autumn. These corms will mostly be of the pink flowered form but the collection may include a few corms with white flowers.

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