Dwarf Box from Willows Nursery

Our Dwarf Box plants have been propagated from
our own stock plants and are raised in nursery beds
and sent out bare-rooted throughout the year.

This form of Box is ideal for creating a neat, easily
maintained, evergreen garden edging/low hedging
or knot garden/parterre design as well as being
suitable for topiary.

Please get in touch by ’phone or email if you
need any information that you cannot find here.

Les & Anne Cordes

DWARF BOX (Buxux Sempervirens) :
Box is a slow-growing, evergreen, native plant, dense in
habit with small dark green glossy foliage. This form of Box
is a slower growing cultivar valued as an excellent formal edging/low hedging plant, as well as being suited to topiary
as it responds very well to clipping. For larger hedges (say, more than 18 inches/45cm) and topiary designs, Buxus Sempervirens (Common Box) is a more popular choice.

These photographs are from our own garden.

The two photographs above (including our daughter) show
our dwarf box maze – easily maintained as a fun low hedge.

As our need for more cuttings – to supply more dwarf box plants for sale – has grown, the plants in the maze now also act as stock plants for propagation purposes.  The photograph below shows the same maze some 10 years on, allowed to grow a bit bigger – looking a little shaggy, but ready for a good trim to provide cuttings material.

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